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A heptagonal antitegum, constructed from a heptagon.

An antitegum (also called a trapezotope) is a polyhedron constructed as the dual of an antiprism. An n-gonal antitegum generally has 2n kites as faces (if n is equal to 2 or 3, then the faces are isosceles triangles or rhombi instead). The digonal antitegum is equivalent to the tetragonal disphenoid and is a noble polyhedron, while the triangular antitegum is a variant of the cube.

They are topologically related to the scalenohedra, which are half-symmetry variants with irregular tetragons (scalene triangles if n is equal to 2).

As there is no consistent analog in higher dimensions to the 3D antiprisms, there is similarly no general generalization of 3D antitegums either.

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