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A duotruncatoaltertegum is an isotopic polytope constructed as the dual of a duotruncatoalterprism. The simplest possible duotruncatoaltertegum is the digonal-square tegmantitegmoid, which can be thought of as the digonal duotruncatoaltertegum, while the simplest unique duoexpandotegum is the triangular duotruncatoaltertegum.

in 4D, an n-gonal duotruncatoaltertegum has 4n2 cells. Each cell is a monotruncated kite pyramid with 1 mirror-symmetric pentagon, 2 kites, 1 isosceles triangle, and 2 scalene triangles as faces, formed by truncating one of the base vertices of a kite pyramid. If n is equal to 2, then the cell becomes a mirror-symmetric wedge, with 1 isosceles trapezoid, 2 kites, and 2 isosceles triangles as faces.