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P (8,3)
Faces6 octagons
Vertex figureTriangle
Petrie polygons4 dodecagons
Related polytopes
Petrie dualP (8,3)π 
Abstract & topological properties
Flag count96
Euler characteristic-2
Schläfli type{8,3}
SkeletonMöbius-Kantor graph
SymmetryTucker's group, order 96

P (8,3) is an orientable abstract regular polyhedron of genus 2. It is a maximally symmetric regular tiling of the Bolza surface, with every automorphism of the Bolza surface being an automorphism of P (8,3).

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Realizations[edit | edit source]

P (8,3) has two pure symmetric realizations, both on the vertices of the tesseract; one with edges that are a subset of those of the tesseract, and one with edges that are a subset of those of the alternative tesseract. These two realizations are kappas of each other.

Related polytopes[edit | edit source]

The realization of P (8,3) on the tesseract appears as the cells of Roli's cube.[1]

It is a double cover of the cube.[2][3]

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Bibliography[edit | edit source]

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