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This is a list of websites related to polyhedra and/or polytopes. Please add any more you find.

Websites with an asterisk (*) have been taken down, but have been archived on other sites.

Compendiums[edit source]

These are websites dedicated to showing off some class of polytopes.

Polyhedra[edit source]

Other dimensions or spaces[edit source]

Software[edit source]

These are links to either browser applications or software that can be used to visualize and/or build polytopes.

Polytope builders[edit source]

  • Stella: Polyhedron Navigator by Robert Webb, the first software to feature the uniform polychora. Has basic capabilities to build and load other polytopes.
  • Miratope (Github): an open-source alternative to Stella in current development.
    • Old Miratope (GitHub): the original version of Miratope, written in JavaScript. Very outdated and probably broken.
  • Antiprism by Adrian Rossiter, features many types of polyhedra.
  • PolyHédronisme by Anselm Levskaya - allows you to construct polyhedra using Conway operations.
  • GeoGebra An online graphing calculator featuring many demonstrations, some of which are polyhedron-related.

Polytope visualizers[edit source]

Wikis[edit source]

  • Polytope Wiki on Miraheze, the website you're currently visiting..
  • Polytopes wiki on Wikia, a wiki similar to this one that was started independently.
  • WikiChoron*, a now defunct wiki dedicated to Bowers' uniforms. The wiki is no longer accessible, but the URL is still up and images are still accessible.
  • Hi.gher.space wiki, one of the first polytope wikis, now largely abandoned.
  • Verse and Dimensions Wikia, a hybrid fiction, physics, and math wiki.

Unclassified[edit source]

To do: categorize the sites in some way, possibly convert to a table.