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A list of tasks to complete on the wiki, organized by short, medium, and long term.

Last updated: 2022-10-29.

Articles needing attention[edit source]

If you want to help quickly, you might want to take a look at any of the pages in these categories (please read the style guide before adding images or OFF files):

Goals[edit source]

There's also various goals and topics that the wiki aims to cover over time. They're organized below by short, medium and long term.

Short term[edit source]

These tasks should take a few days at most.

Medium term[edit source]

These tasks could take about a week or two.

Long term[edit source]

These tasks will take at least a month, and at most forever.

  • Write articles for the many symmetry groups, or organize them in any other manner (perhaps categories are enough?).
  • Write articles for all known uniform polychora.
  • Write articles for the crazier polytopes Bowers has found.