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Dr. Richard Klitzing (born April 24th 1966) is a trained mathematician and trained physicist, even having a PHD in theoretical physics on the theory of quasicrystals, granted by the Eberhard Karls University of Tübingen. After a short time of teaching in higher degreed schools he abandoned this stuff as a profession, later returning sporadically as an external lecturer at the cooparitive state university of Heidenheim on a part-time.

As a spare-time mathematician however he is responsible for the discovery of several scaliform and CRF polytopes. For instance the first ever known scaliform, tuta, and prissi have been discovered by him. But also several of the higher dimensional diminishings belong to him, eg. oddimo, kadify, and codify.

Besides the concept of scaliforms he also invented the segmentotopes as a pedagogical means of easy to visualize monostratic polytopes. Further he expanded the concept of alternated faceting (aka snubbing) to alternations of higher-than-vertex elements, and within the typewriter-friendly Coxeter-Dynkin diagram notation expansion the introduction of virtual nodes originates to him. He also contributed mainly to the concept of tegum sums, initiated by Wout Gevaert.

He has his own website [1]. There he provides (currently) more than 9000 symmetry respecting incidence matrices for more than 4000 polytopes.