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Coxeter diagram[edit source]

User:Sycamore916, where did you get the diagram CDel node g.pngCDel 3hg.pngCDel node g.pngCDel 4g.pngCDel node g.png from?

I think the chiral overline thing is something TomRuen made up for Wikipedia. Although this is in principle against Wikipedia's guidelines there seems to be a bunch of stuff like that. I don't know of any scholarly source that uses it, but I haven't looked that hard. If you look at occurrences of File:CDel 3hg.png (the most distinctive segment of this particular diagram) you can see that this exact diagram does appear on the Coxeter-Dynkin diagram, where it is listed as chiral cubic symmetry. For the other diagram I think you are supposed to use node h2 CDel node h2.png rather than node h CDel node h.png, since the latter is for snubs. Sycamore916 (talk) 13:15, 7 February 2023 (UTC)