Triangular tetraswirlprism

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Triangular tetraswirlprism
File:Triangular tetraswirlprism.png
Cells36 rhombic disphenoids, 72 phyllic disphenoids, 24 triangular gyroprisms
Faces144+144 scalene triangles, 24 triangles
Vertex figure12-vertex polyhedron with 4 tetragons and 12 triangles
Measures (based on triangular duoprisms of edge length 1)
Edge lengthsShort side edges (36):
 Medium side edges (36):
 Long side edges (72):
 Edges of triangles (72): 1
Central density1
Related polytopes
DualTriangular tetraswirltegum
Abstract & topological properties
Euler characteristic0
Symmetry(I2(12)≀S2)+/4, order 144

The triangular tetraswirlprism is a convex isogonal polychoron and member of the duoprismatic swirlprism family that consists of 24 triangular antiprisms, 36 rhombic disphenoids, and 72 phyllic disphenoids. 4 triangular gyroprisms, 4 rhombic disphenoids, and 8 phyllic disphenoids join at each vertex. It can be obtained as a subsymmetrical faceting of the dodecagonal duoprism. It is the fourth in an infinite family of isogonal triangular dihedral swirlchora.

The ratio between the longest and shortest edges is 1: ≈ 1:2.36603.

Vertex coordinates[edit | edit source]

Coordinates for the vertices of a triangular tetraswirlprism constructed as the convex hull of four triangular duoprisms of edge length 1, are given as Cartesian products of the vertices of triangle T1:

  • T1 × T1,
  • T2 × T2 (T1 rotated 30 degrees),
  • T3 × T3 (T1 rotated 60 degrees).
  • T4 × T4 (T1 rotated 90 degrees).