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My questions[edit | edit source]

A4+ symmetry classification[edit | edit source]

If Hemidodecahedron (4-dimensional) has space: 4D Euclidean space and A4+ symmetry is the symmetry group of Hemidodecahedron (4-dimensional), is A4+ symmetry the 4D Euclidean symmetry group?

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My new notation for anisogons (My intention to extend the notion of a star polygon)[edit | edit source]

Let and be "the ratio between the length of nth edge and the first one" and the "nth interior angle of the anisogon (measured in radian)".

Then notates an anisogon produced by the following actions:

- Put the center and in 2D Cartesian plane.

- Draw a line from to .

+ Let .

+ Repeat the following actions but if at any step, there's a cyclic graph, terminate.

  • Find such that and .
  • Draw a line from to .
  • Increment

Note[edit | edit source]

Note that this method only depends on ratio between edge length so we need a convention on how to find and read the coordinates.

The convention is and as coordinates.

My new anisogon[edit | edit source]

Vertex coordinates[edit | edit source]

The vertices of the anisogon , centered at the origin has the following vertices:

This notation for some polygon[edit | edit source]

Name My notation
Star pentambus
Distellagram where
Stellapod where
Complex dipentagon (Degenerate) or
Distellagon where
Pentapod where
Regular n-gon
Tripod where
Propeller tripod where