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My questions[edit source]

A4+ symmetry classification (answered)[edit source]

If Hemidodecahedron (4-dimensional) has space: 4D Euclidean space and A4+ symmetry is the symmetry group of Hemidodecahedron (4-dimensional), is A4+ symmetry the 4D Euclidean symmetry group?

What is the difference of semantics between "Category:Polytope classes" and "Category:Polytopes by type"? (answered)[edit source]

The former is for pages on types of polytopes, the latter are categories for said polytopes. – viiii (talk) 09:04, 10 November 2023 (UTC)
Thanks User:Cube26 (talk)

Some special links[edit source]

For those who are currently using a mobile phone to edit things in these links, I have a special heading for many special links that cannot be accessed normally.

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5D uniform duoprisms (my task to add Coxeter diagrams)

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Pages that need more research to classify categories in (probably polytope's terminologies or something?)[edit source]

My notes[edit source]

- We'll deal with the semantics of "Category:Polytope classes" and "Category:Polytopes by type"

My watchlist on interesting pages[edit source]

Polytope operations