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I am Violeta Hernández, a.k.a OfficialURL; the "Official" bit is just a way of avoiding duplicate usernames, while “URL” stands for random words a friend once told me. I like electronic music, polyhedra and 3D modeling. Maybe I'll edit some articles in those categories once in a while. No relation to the HTTP protocol.

I speak fluent English and Spanish, and I'm currently learning German.

I can be contacted through my discussion page, or through my Instagram.

Polytopes[edit | edit source]

I've been creating a large database of polyhedra files, in both GGB (from GeoGebra) and STL format, all free content (I've in fact already uploaded a lot of it to Wikimedia). As of editing, I have files for the following:

You can use these to calculate the metric properties of these objects, or to simply get a more intuitive understanding. If you're willing, you could even 3D print them!

I've also started a collection of polychora! These are available in GGB or in OFF, and are shown as 3D projections (which may be rotated in four dimensions). I've added:

If you're interested, here's a download link (Google Drive) [1].